Overview of Genetically Modified Food

Before actually tackling my topic of trying to find the effects of genetically modified food on human health I started to develop an understanding of the implications of having genetically modified food in society.  

In the article at http://iscs.fem.sumdu.edu.ua/data/ISCS_Materials_2009.pdf#page=86 (from pg. 87-88) the author begins to talk about what genetically engineered food actually is and then later talked about the pros and cons of the system.  


There are larger crops, which helps feed the people in underdeveloped countries that are affected by famine.  


The genetically modified food could either create or enhance food allergies.  The consumption of this food could lead to formation of cancer neoplasm in the intestines.  The genetically modified plants could also spread into the ecosystem changing the evolution process for billions of years.  

The author also points out some of the social implications of genetically modified food.  Many people that purchase this particular food do not actually know that it is genetically modified.  This puts politicians in a place where they may need to start to distinguishing between the different types of food.  


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