The Quantity of GM Food in Production

In the article at the author shows that humans diets are saturated with GM food.  For example he uses a statistic that says that 80% of processed contains some sort of GM product.  

Consumers don’t know that they are consuming such products because labeling the food GM is prohibited.  Scientists understand that human health is being affected by this contamination but there is no known way to revers the effects in the body or fields.  

The author begins to look at the affects of the two certain types of food modification that is extremely common in todays farming.  He first looks at the pesticides that are sprayed on plants that are meant to kill bugs.  The companies that create these chemicals say that they are not harmful to humans, but scientific experiments tend to say otherwise.  Experiments on mice show uncommon immune responses and enlarged cell growth, which scientists believe could happen in humans as well.  Also, when new genes are injected into plants, new proteins could be created that could be harmful and when in the stomach and intestines the body’s bacteria could engulf these certain proteins thus damaging the bacteria.  


2 thoughts on “The Quantity of GM Food in Production

  1. I find this somewhat alarming because I personally didn’t know that there were that harmful of substances in our food, and yet a lot of people eat these foods. What is even more alarming is that they cannot label the fact that the food products contain these substances.

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