Genetically Modified Meats

Genetically Modified Meats

This site begins to show how animals that are used for consumption are not actually genetically modified; however, their feed contains much GE food such as soybeans and corn.   However the article says that the GE feed does not have any affect on the quality of the meat that is produced.  None of the animals that are consumed have been directly genetically modified.  Veterinary medicines that are used in the animals are produced with help of genetically modified organisms.

In the production of ham and sausage, genetically modified material is used to keep the color of the meat, to enhance the taste, and to make it more tender.

However, the article explains that there are many new foods such as fish that are waiting to be passed to be able to be sold when they are genetically modified, which could lead to the end of not genetically modified organisms in our ecosystem.


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