How much GM food does a person actually eat?

How much GM food does a person actually eat?

On average an American ways approximately 179 pounds.  On average, Americans will eat about 193 pounds of genetically modified food over a 12-month period.  There have not been any long term studies on the effects of GM food on human health.  In my opinion, that seems kind of sketchy. It seems as if they may be trying to hide something from the public.  Commoners will underestimate how much of this type of food they eat because they forget that almost all types of processed foods have ingredients that are genetically modified.  However one of the main problems for the upcoming generation, is that the children are eating a much larger proportion of genetically modified food to their weight.  In general they will be eating this type of food for their entire life.  


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    Mentor comments.

    When Chris and I discussed topics for his AP English ISP, I suggested that he try to capitalize on his reinvigorated interest in Biological topics. In our interactions, he demonstrated an affinity and curiosity for genetics, neurology, and human health. Perfect; how can all of these be integrated into a single topic? Moreover, I nudged him to note important observations and questions at the technical level, while always keeping in mind there are political, ecological, and medical ramifications.

    Our early dialogue focused on the “what” and “why” of the project. What exactly do you want to do and why exactly do you want to do it? What do you hope to learn from this exercise. That helped to establish the ground rules. If barriers are encountered at any point in the project, he would have a stable foundation of ideas and goals to revisit.

    As the project progressed, Chris collected meaningful data showing the proliferation of foods based on a genetically modified organism (GMO). He identified some of the economic advatanges of using GMO-based foods. I challenged him to understand the ethical and political sides of the issue. The quest for scientific innovation and economic enrichment should not be the only concerns. Science and money should not necessarily trump man’s responsibility to his fellow man.

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