Ethics of GMO

Allowed to ripen on the vine naturally, this ruby tomato comes to your table with more homegrown taste. By drawing on the best traditions of crossbreeding, biotechnology has created a better-tasting tomato, available year-round.

Although it may be as pretty as a plastic fruit, this tomato has been produced by introducing modified organisms into the plant’s natural genetic material. It is the product of laboratory manipulations whose consequences for consumer health and for the environment are unknown.

These two paragraphs show two totally different views of the newly modified crops.  On one hand we have a part that shows that consumers will be able to have tomatoes year round and that they will taste better than ever.  However the second paragraph shows that the reason why these tomatoes are always ripe is that they have been genetically modified.  In addition, these modified genetics can be harmful to the health of the consumer.  Is it really ethically correct to do this to the crops? 



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